Binding and Finishing

Professional binding and finishing services for all your business needs. Finish and polish your documents with our selection of finishing options. Hard back book covers, coil bind, wire, booklet making, folding, cutting, drilling and more.

Wire Binding:

Wire binding is a form of binding paper, documents, or pages together. Wire binding is also commonly known or referred to as “wire-o binding” and comes in two types:

  • Double loop wire binding (only available in store)
  • Wire Comb binding

Wire binding or Wire-O binding is available in many different color options, as well as many different wire lengths. It all depends on the type of printing project you have.

Wire binding gives a much more professional look than spiral binding does. Because the binding is made up of metal for wire binding, it’s generally used in formal presentations or very professional settings.

Here’s a picture of what wire binding looks like:


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