Scan Documents

We have the ability to scan virtually any size document in black & white or Color! Small Format, Letter, Legal & Ledger size documents, Wide Format Architectural, Engineering & Map size documents

  • Small format Document scanning services
  • Large format scanning and drawing scanning
  • Blueprint scanning of architectural and construction plans, engineering and mechanical drawings
  • Color and black & white scanning
  • PDF conversion Feel free to contact us for custom orders.

Document Scanning Service

There isn’t any debate as to why businesses use document scanning to go paperless. One of the most important asset of any business is it’s information. If that information is not controlled it can become lost or worse stolen and used in a way that can hurt the business. There are also high costs with storing paper documents. It is not only the cost of the storage but any additional costs with finding the document needed in a timely manner.

The benefits of scanning your documents, also called document imaging, into a digital format and storing them in an electronic document management (EDM) system are numer- ous. Some of the obvious ones are:

  • Increased efficiency in the daily flow of work.
  • Reduced storage costs.
  • Easier disaster recovery.
  • Ability to share documents across multiple offices.
  • Increased document control and security.
  • Compliance with privacy and disclosure laws
  • A greener office that wastes less paper.
  • Ease of finding archived documents.

The whole process seems to be a sea of acronyms. What format do you need? What indexing do you need? What DPI do you require? Don’t worry. A document imaging project doesn’t have to be difficult. Van Nuys Design & Print Center can help you from planning to completion.

If you have any questions, we are glad to help, please contact us via email or at (818) 780-2615.