T-shirts depicting products serve as walking billboards. The image printed on the shirt is designed to be easily recognized and is paired with a company or product logo, along with a website.

Silk Screening & Heat Transfer Process

Screen printing is a type of printing in which ink is pushed through a screen with a squeegee onto a substrate. Screens are made by producing a film positive of the customers’ artwork and exposing the screen to UV light through the film. The screen is washed out leaving only areas that were exposed to the UV light.

Quality work and low prices guaranteed. Advertise your business or your message. We’ll help you get your logo, your artwork or your ideas onto the shirts, caps or gear that you want to see them on. That’s what we do. Inks: Plastisol inks are used in garment printing. Can be very opaque on dark garments, and will adhere to most textiles.

Basic ink colors: Black, Red (PMS 185), Blue (Reflex), Orange (PMS 021), Purple, (Pantone Violet), Yellow (Pantone Yellow), Pink (Rhoda mine), Gray (PMS 423)

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